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World News


Live news broadcasts bring distant events and political processes into contact with the present. The Reuters building in Canary Wharf displays on its exterior a changing banner of national and international news. Elevated above the open space of the square beneath, public life in the area is framed against a backdrop of news updates.


This series centres around photographs documenting the news bulletins on the Reuters building, as the constantly changing display of digital text presents the day’s headlines. The open space in front of the building fills with everyday activity: people eating, sitting, waiting, reading the paper, taking phone calls and passing through. Distant national and international events come to inhabit physical space, reframing everyday life and revealing previously unseen relationships between forms. This building takes the intangible and underlying and gives it space in the present.


Our environment is in a state of accelerated change, and the presence of the building acts to remind inhabitants of this, connecting present time and space with events happening elsewhere. Shot in the private estate of Canary Wharf in London, and moving between the building and its surrounding area, World News explores everyday life lived publicly, formed against a physical backdrop of news updates.

20181213-vape smoke.jpg
20181217-north korea.jpg
20190130-ordering his murder.jpg
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